Why NATS Is the Best Affiliate Platform for the Adult Industry

The most well-known and frequently utilized affiliate marketing and back-end system in the adult entertainment sector is the Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System, or NATS. Adult programs all throughout the world have used and trusted NATS. NATS was created by the New Jersey-based software company Too Much Media, which is used by some of the biggest names in adult entertainment. Adult Business Consulting will examine the significance of NATS to this industry and why it’s viewed as an institutional player in the adult affiliate marketing space in this new blog post.

Adult Affiliate Marketing: What is it?

It would be beneficial for our new readers to have a basic understanding of how the adult-focused affiliate marketing industry functions before continuing the conversation about NATS. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy used in the adult sector, where affiliates advertise adult goods or services in return for a refunded commission. Adult websites, dating sites, adult toy shops, and other comparable goods and services can be considered here. ASB Cash, an affiliate marketing program offered by Adult Site Broker, functions similarly. 

The finest porn affiliate programs, according to widespread consensus, function by assisting businesses with their online product marketing in exchange for a cut of the revenue from your referrals. We’ve repeated it numerous times. One of the adult entertainment industry’s most lucrative subsectors is porn affiliate marketing. Affiliates are the foundation of some of the biggest adult entertainment businesses.

Why Use Affiliate Software? 

Software for managing affiliate marketing is useful in this situation. Businesses may manage their affiliate marketing programs more efficiently with the use of affiliate marketing management software. Businesses may manage their affiliates, keep tabs on their actions, and assess their effectiveness using this single platform. The affiliate marketing management tool NATS is outstanding. The ability for organizations to track affiliate activities in real time is one of the biggest benefits of adopting affiliate marketing management software. This comprises clicks, leads, and sales that result in earnings and commissions. All of this, as stated and explained, is provided by NATS.

The NATS Software

The web browser is used to run the Next-Generation Administration and Tracking System exclusively. There is no requirement to limit RAM on your computer or other devices because NATS is quite lightweight. NATS is a platform for software as a service as a result. According to PornWebmasters.com, NATS is a platform so easy to use that “if you can jack off, you can use NATS.” With a variety of tools and capabilities to help develop, maintain, and eventually expand their affiliate networks, NATS offers solutions for adult businesses. The NATS operating system is relatively simple to use and is simple to understand.

How NATS Software Works

The setup of the affiliate program is the initial step in using NATS. This entails developing an offer that specifies the compensation percentage as well as any other affiliate-specific terms and restrictions. The commission rate—the portion of each sale the affiliate receives as a commission—is determined by the business. Depending on the promoted good or service or the affiliate’s success, the platform commission rate may change.

A minimum sales level, a payout schedule, and geographic restrictions for affiliate programs are all terms and conditions that the platform user can define. Affiliates can then register for the affiliate program after an affiliate offer has been published to the NATS system. Affiliates can sign up for the program after it is set up via the NATS system. A sign-up page that companies can use to entice new affiliates can be customized by users using NATS. Additionally, the affiliates supply the program with their contact information, website address, and other necessary information. Affiliates are provided with a special affiliate link or code after signing up, which they can use to advertise the platform’s offerings.

Promoting Businesses Through NATS

Using the specific affiliate link or code, affiliates advertise the company on their website, blog, social media, or through other channels. In banners, text links, or other promotional materials, the link or code is embedded. The NATS program analyzes sales when a customer clicks on a link and buys something, and it credits the affiliate who sent them. Additionally, NATS can monitor clicks, impressions, and other affiliate program-related analytics. The application can be optimized using this information, and affiliate performance can be raised. NATS keeps real-time records of all affiliate sales and commissions. The software offers thorough reports on affiliate performance, which cover affiliate commission revenue, sales, clicks, and conversions. NATS makes it simple.

The reports can be altered to display information for time frames, goods, or affiliates. NATS tracks sales and affiliate commissions using cookies and other tracking technology. Every time a client of an affiliate clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their computer. The transaction is credited to the affiliate who referred the buyer if they go on to make a purchase within a predetermined time frame, often 30 to 90 days. NATS has been extensively installed and has been put through a variety of tests. Because NATS was designed from the ground up to be completely customizable, you can run a fully functional affiliate network precisely how you want. NATS is a highly potent SaaS, but there are many things to think about.

For NATS and its other products, Too Much Media also provides a free help wiki. To effectively manage and publish web content, Too Much Media also created a content management system known as CARMA, or Content Administration and Release Management Application.

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