What is Fendom and Who Is In Charge?

The practice of a woman being in charge and the dominating one in the bedroom is known as fendom or female domination. It provides the more dominant female spouse complete power while allowing the other partner to be submissive. The main subcategory of this specialization in domination, submission, dominance, and bondage is BDSM. Most of the time, the female is aware of the laws, is aware of any safe words, and is also aware that it is mutually agreed upon by the partners.

There are numerous other sub-niches that can be researched amongst couples while considering BDSM. The partner is giving the female complete authority in the femdom sub-niche. Men enjoy female dominance for a variety of reasons, and various specialists have different perspectives on this. Men tend to be fascinated by the psychology of the female in power and are less concerned with femdom’s goal. With femdom, males are free to abandon the mindset of the boardroom and devote their entire selves to their female.

Adult Business Consulting will study a variety of distinct femdom categories and types so you can decide which ones, if any, are best for you. Some of them range from milder to more intense, but you must recognize that they are consensual, between couples, and contribute to raising everyone’s degree of sexual awareness.

Bondage Femdom

Bondage Femdom, often known as BDSM, emphasizes female domination and bondage. This may involve the female dominant tying up the male partner and applying constraints. The female dominant has complete power over the submissive by tying them up and forcing them to accede to her desires. The limitations dictate what they can do, what they are permitted to say, and when they can reach a climax. The history of bondage femdom demonstrates that Mesopotamians were willing to give in to their females’ wishes. Even on television and in movies, the bondage femdom has been depicted with the female dominating the male partner.

Discipline Femdom

In discipline femdom, the female is once more in charge, but she is more in charge of the submissive spouse. Toys, canes, spanking, and other forms of discipline are all possible. The female femdom is the one who administers the punishment to the submissive partner as a kind of retribution for wrongdoing. The trust between the couples is the foundation of the pain and punishment obtained from these sessions or times spent together, and it also includes safe words in case the reprimands become excessive. The submissive can be built up by gentle spanking, tougher whipping, and more as they demand more discipline from their femdom.


The sissification type of femdom involves giving the submissive female characteristics or making them dress like sissies. These femdom activities can involve using chastity devices, dressing in lingerie and female clothing, and engaging in a variety of partner-training exercises. The femdom can offer toys and dildos to use on their submissive partner in order to demonstrate the female side of their partner’s sissification since the alpha aspect of the male is gone with sissification. The femdom has their spouse in complete dominance when they lose their masculine characteristics and behavior, and sissification can result in maid attire, cross-dressing, and other things.


Within BDSM or femdom, pegging occurs when the female partner employs strap-on devices on their partner rather than being on the other side of the bed. Many straight males have recently developed a renewed interest in pegging and enjoy receiving it from their spouse. Men enjoy this action because it makes their prostate aroused, which causes them to have amazing orgasms. As a result, as this subculture of femdom has expanded, so too have the sales of sex toy strap-ons. Experts concur that severe penetration may only result in pain and discomfort if done incorrectly, therefore pegging needs to be done safely, with lubricant, and stimulation of the femdom.

Chastity Control

To prevent orgasms and infidelity, the male partner engages in chastity control, giving their femdom complete control over their genitalia. The submissive won’t be able to climax while wearing it, and the femdom will be the owner of the device’s key. In these situations, the submissive relinquishes all their sexual wants to the dominating femdom because they enjoy being completely under their control. The flat Gatling, silicone sissy constraint, cage of shame, chastity cages, and many other items can be worn. This allows the female to explore other regions of their body without the penis getting in the way for the man to learn how to attain various orgasms outside of their penis.

Foot Worship

In the long-established practice of foot worship, the submissive frequently licks, sniffs, and worships the femdom’s feet. The femdom will frequently use their feet to crush their subordinate, force them to smell them, force them to paint their toenails, and force them to indulge in their foot fetish fantasies. Men frequently adore the appearance, aroma, and beauty of a woman’s foot. The main goal of foot worship is to revere the female foot in all its natural beauty. It’s undoubtedly one of the most well-known femdom categories despite being one of the more traditional ones.


The focus of the femdom’s cuckolding obsession is seeing other fems or anyone else engaging in sexual activity with their spouse or lover. The cuckold frequently has insufficient wants or a penis that is too small for their partner to enjoy. In the past ten years, the cuckolding niche has flourished, with numerous websites and pornographic films exploring it in a variety of ways. Their partner is made to feel inadequate and incapable of meeting their needs by witnessing them having sex with someone else. The obedient cuckold can enjoy the delights of being a cuckold and the subservient ways that go along with it by watching and not interfering as they engage in sexual activity.

Role Reversal

The sub-niche of role reversal falls under the femdom category, where the male is the woman, and the woman is the man. The woman in this scenario should be in control in the bedroom because males frequently want to cave and take on the role of the woman in the relationship. The submissive can be dominated and used by their lover by accepting the other role in reverse. People who frequently feel that they have a lot of control over their daily lives frequently wish to give it up and live in this niche. As the dominant partner dominates them and exerts complete control over them, the submissive can enjoy being fucked with a strap-on and other toys. It may apply to the pegging niche.


By highlighting shortcomings in the bedroom with their lover, the femdom might humiliate their mate. Small penises, early ejaculation, difficulty to satisfy a lady in bed, inadequate finances or employment, and many other things fall under this category. The femdom makes their dominating spouse look bad by pointing out facts to the submissive that they are already aware of. This can also involve humiliating someone using photos and films while wearing sissy attire or intimate apparel.

Financial Domination

The female partner having complete financial power over their spouse falls under the findom or financial dominance category of femdom. The dominant female frequently refers to the submissive as a paypig, demands money from their partner to see images or films of them, and at the extreme, can even take control of their bank accounts. The 100% consensual financial dominance niche informs the submissive that their dominant partner is in command of their money, accounts, ATM card, and financial information. If the submissive doesn’t comply, the financial dominant can render them bankrupt, but this is agreed upon by the partners.

Overall, the BDSM’s femdom category encompasses a wide range of sub-niches and methods in which a woman can exercise complete authority. At Adult Business Consulting, we hope to have demonstrated how to investigate these. Given its popularity, we should expect to see it grow over time.

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