What Adult Industry Trends to Expect in 2023

According to Bruce, the founder and chief executive officer of Adult Business Consulting, the adult entertainment sector continued to have successful expansion in 2022. According to him, the year 2022 “has been a decent year in our industry”, considering the numerous situations relating to the economic difficulties the world economy is currently experiencing. He was making reference to the possibility of recessions and sudden inflation hitting the US and other Tier 1 online traffic nations.

Bruce said to our in-house copywriter and journalist, “As a consultant, I have access to the financials of numerous companies and overall, I see growth. Yes, there are exceptions, but this is always the case. 

Bruce identified several major trends in 2022, some of which are associated with the growth of fan sites and exclusive social media networks like OnlyFans and LoyalFans.

The success of the fan sites has attracted many new clients to adult, according to Bruce.

“And there is a level of creativity that I continue to be amazed by,” he said in reference to the breadth of content and the standard and creativity present throughout the entire adult entertainment sector. Bruce did, however, make a passing reference to the current political and social pressures facing adult.

The continued battle against porn by business, virtuous politicians, and pious religious organizations poses a threat to the adult sector, Bruce warned.

Bruce anticipates several encouraging indicators for the 2023 calendar year. In the fan site market, he observed a “natural thinning out and consolidation” of several properties. He made comparisons between the fan sites and other adult industry sectors.

“I anticipate the same results. The space for fan sites will likely naturally shrink out and consolidate, according to Bruce. People feel they can enter an area and instantly become wealthy, just like in live camming, dating, and other endeavors.”

“Not every company is an OnlyFans or a Streamate,” he said. However, well-known players in the adult sector are more likely to buy or sell properties with a six- to seven-figure price tag.

In addition, he mentioned the expansion of Adult Business Consulting, saying, “We had another record year in 2022 and we worked with more companies than ever before.” “I anticipate that to persist through 2023 and beyond.”

What other trends may those working in the adult industry anticipate for 2023? When Bruce was asked this topic, he immediately lighted up and explained the difficulties that will come in the year 2023.

Bruce noted that the affiliate business model is still feasible and said that “affiliates will always be able to make money in adult.” “The affiliate space hit a low ebb about 5-7 years ago, but recently I’ve seen a comeback,” the author said.

The increase in financial discrimination by banks and the biggest credit card firms in the world because of a moral indignation campaign organized by anti-porn organizations is the next area of concern.

In response to political and religious attacks that have been greatly aided by the mainstream media, the credit card corporations are undoubtedly tightening the screws in a significant degree, he added. “I stopped reading the New York Times when Nicholas Kristof published his two controversial articles on Pornhub.”

He continued, “The way banks and credit card companies respond in circumstances like that is to defend their interests. “While I can sort of understand that I am aware that individuals in positions of power over money lately haven’t exhibited much bravery. Additionally, age verification will soon be accepted in numerous locations. The good news is that age verification businesses are currently available to support the adult sector.

Bruce makes a reference to this knowledge since the campaign for a verified internet is putting the adult industry at a crossroads. Verified internet trends include age verification software and comprehensive mitigating strategies to shield children from viewing pornographic content online.

“I think age verification should be used throughout the entertainment sector”, he stated. “No genuine owner of an adult website wants children to view porn or other adult material. Therefore, I believe that age verification procedures are ultimately a good thing. The worst thing we could possibly do is fight it.”

Bruce spoke once again on the future work his company will be doing from the perspective of the business.

Bruce stated, “We’re constantly making small adjustments to improve the experience for our clients. As long as I’m in charge of the business, that exercise will continue. I think the ideal strategy for consulting is what we do in a boutique setting.”

I don’t want Adult Business Consulting to have a sizable team. If it’s possible and I’m doing a good job, I try to interact with everyone on a personal level. No complaints have been made thus far.

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