TOP 8 Adult Entertainment Lawyers & Attorneys

The adult entertainment market is very tightly controlled. Industry professionals’ endeavor to be ethical, honest, and compliant above all else, notwithstanding the level of controversy.

Particularly when purchasing or promoting adult-oriented websites.

Any adult business needs legal counsel, and the sector is fortunate to have some of the greatest attorneys in the business. Every person working in the adult entertainment sector should make the investment in an adult entertainment lawyer to cover everything from free speech laws to DMCA copyright breaches.

In this blog article, Adult Business Consulting introduces you to some of the top adult attorneys in the country and explains how their work not only defends the sector but also contributes to its short-and long-term definition.

Adult Business Consulting has also gone as far as to vet the attorneys we’ve listed here.

Adult Entertainment Lawyers

Chad Anderson

Attorney Chad Anderson is situated in Phoenix, Arizona’s metropolitan area, in the United States. He focuses on copyright enforcement, domain disputes, privacy, and cybersecurity legislation. He belongs to the Iowa, Arizona, and Nevada State Bars. Additionally, he is qualified to practice law in the Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, and Nevada federal district courts. He has argued cases before various US appellate courts including the US Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. At Adult Business Consulting, we take great pride in having Chad as our legal counsel.

D. Gill Sperlein

Free speech attorney Gill Sperlein practices in San Francisco, California. Sperlein is a member of the national First Amendment Lawyers Association and sat on the board of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a 501(c)6 trade association that represents the adult industry. He belongs to the California State Bar, the bars of the Western District of New York, the Supreme Court, and the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Central Districts of California. 

Additionally, he handles 2257 compliance.

Jeffrey Douglas

Attorney Jeffrey Douglas practices in Santa Monica. Douglas has dealt with every facet of the industry to establish himself as a leading attorney in the adult entertainment sector. He is one of the current chairman emeriti of the First Amendment Lawyers Association and the head of the board of directors for the Free Speech Coalition. According to the FSC, he has participated in adult organizing to “improve quality of life, strengthen the sales environment, and resist government intrusion.”

Michael W. Fattorosi

Adult entertainment legal counsel Michael W. Fattorosi practices in the San Fernando Valley. 90% of Fattorosi’s clients, according to his website, are businesses and individuals involved in the adult entertainment market. He has numerous years of experience practicing adult industry law, and he writes frequently. Authorship and comments in prestigious publications like CNBC, The Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Beast, The Daily Dot, and XBIZ are among his accomplishments. He offers a variety of services, including 2257 and business formation.

Paul Cambria

In addition to serving as the executive management committee member and head of the firm’s criminal division, Paul Cambria is a partner at Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP. Known for his First Amendment work, Cambria also works on other areas of constitutional law and is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association. He has worked with artists like DMX and Marilyn Manson as well as the late, great Larry Flynt. He has been accepted into the state bars of Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and California.

Corey Silverstein

The principal and proprietor of the Silverstein Legal firm is Corey Silverstein. He is considered as one of the best adult entertainment lawyers in the industry. Webmasters, producers, resellers of material, payment processors, affiliate networks, and other adult-related entities are all served by Silverstein’s work. His services cover Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act claims, contract law, commercial law, civil litigation, and Section 2257 compliance. The news media in both the public and the adult sector frequently quote Silverstein.

Lawrence G. Walters

The managing partner of Walters Law Group is Lawrence G. Walters. He focuses on the legal aspects of both adult entertainment and free speech. Walters deals with age verification, FOSTA/SESTA, legal duties for 2257 compliance, and risk management and mitigation. Walters is associated with the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, which promotes the First Amendment and the rights of sex workers in the adult sector. He belongs to the First Amendment Lawyers Association, the Internet Attorneys Association, and the Association of Sites Advocating for Child Protection.

Nick Zargarpour

An attorney with a practice in Los Angeles named Nick Zargarpour is well-known for his work defending corporate clients of all stripes. He has a solid reputation in the business-to-business sector and the Latino business community. He deals with commercial disputes, CCPA, corporate and franchise law. Zargarpour delivers lectures at the University of Southern California’s Entrepreneur Program and the U.S. Small Business Administration. He was named “Man of the Year” by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Latina Business Women Association. All different kinds of adult enterprises are among his corporate clients.

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