Most Popular Adult Gaming Affiliate Programs

In the larger adult entertainment market, adult gaming represents a sizable part. In fact, the entire industry, including adult gaming affiliate programs, is constantly expanding.

Gaming networks are frequently highly valued and offer exceptional prospects for expansion, according to the team of seasoned adult industry consultants at Adult Business Consulting.

But if you don’t have the income or cash on hand to invest in a six- or seven-figure adult gaming business, there are still ways to profit from the millions of dollars that are traded every day.

Adult Business Consulting is delighted to share more information about the rapidly expanding adult games sector and affiliate marketing strategies with you all in this blog article.

You may read our earlier blog post about the most recent developments in adult gaming here. Some of the businesses we examine here, such as Nutaku and Gaming Adult, are mentioned in that piece.

Gaming Adult

Gaming Adult is the publisher of games like Gay Harem, Hentai Heroes, and others. Affiliate marketers in the adult sector can make money by using the company’s games to monetize their audience for adult material. If you look at the corporate structure, this is basically an affiliate management company. It’s an enormous affiliate network with more than 15 million gamers across all their games. They have an affiliate program in addition to publishing and marketing their games on websites like Nutaku. The website for the business states that Gaming Adult has had around twelve years of experience. To make the experience as internal and under control as possible, Gaming Adult has structured the business as an all-in-one studio, publisher, and affiliate corporation. Gaming Adult has paid out over $10 million through lifetime 50/50 income sharing, via CPA and CPL. Rosso of Gaming Adult has been a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk, our podcast, hosted by Adult Business Consulting CEO Bruce.


The parent business of, MindGeek, is the owner of Nutaku. It is a massive platform for the adult gaming industry, providing literally hundreds of highly regarded games to millions of gamers around the globe that have a variety of hobbies, kinks, fetishes, sexual orientations, and more. Through Adult Force, the Nutaku Affiliates Program is accessible. Adult Force links advertisers with the best-converting advertising offerings. One of the platforms with great conversion rates through Adult Force is Nutaku. The marketing tools are fully automated and comprise a plan for online adverts, landing pages, video trailers, and several other components essential for the expansion of and visitor acquisition towards Nutaku.

ThriXXX Cash

The adult gaming affiliate program for ThriXXX, a software provider that creates and markets a range of PC three-dimensional sex games and sex simulators, is called ThriXXX Cash. The program’s website states that ThriXXX Cash offers lifetime income sharing rates for all client recommendations. This means that every single purchase, including subscription fees and rebills, results in a 30% payout. For webmasters who provide visitors to the ThriXXX website, there is also a referral program that pays commission on each sale. The affiliate program also claims that payments are made on schedule.


The official affiliate program for adult entertainment websites and specialized businesses like is called SexCash. To commercialize and increase visitors, EroGames, a rival to Nutaku, has merged with the SexCash affiliate marketing network. The website provides a selection of role-playing games and simulators with hentai themes. Every sale and rebill made through the recommended user and audience is subject to an even split revenue share with a lifetime proportion under the SexCash revenue scheme. Promos and unique creative pieces for your affiliate marketing campaign are available as SexCash tools. Additionally, XVideos and XNXX’s paid premium content sections as well as well-known gonzo and fetish pay sites like College Rules, Gay Wire, Prison Cocks, Troop Candy, BustyWorld, PornWorld, are offered through SexCash. Additionally, SexCash is integrated with PornBox, a clip store.


Hooligapps  is a publisher and creator of several hugely popular games in this industry. The firm, which was established in 2012, has created several games, including NSFW-focused idle clickers, role-playing games, slot machines, hidden object games, and card games. For each of its games, Hooligapps offers an affiliate program. With affiliate marketing opportunities for their in-house games like Cunt War, Fap Titans, Smut Stone, Cunt Empire, Dirty League, and Town of Sins, the affiliate program may be found at For instance, Town of Sins provides a 50% global even-split revenue share percentage for any traffic acquired from social media, mobile traffic, and other omnichannel possibilities.


Along with being referenced frequently on the Adult Business Consulting blog, CrakRevenue provides revenue choices for niche adult game sites. These websites include the popular and award-winning sex simulator Sex Emulator and the seductive parody NarcosXXX of the hit and well-liked Netflix series “Narcos.” Through the affiliate management system and network made available by CrakRevenue, both games provide affiliate marketing deals. CrakRevenue is a multi-genre, multi-industry business with tremendous success that places a strong emphasis on adult affiliate marketing.

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