Four Adult Content Trends to Watch in 2023

On behalf of Adult Business Consulting, happy new year! The year 2022 was difficult for a lot of the adult business.

But we must talk about the future. Our in-house writers spoke with Bruce, the founder of Adult Business Consulting, about how he thinks the new year will change and stay the same in certain ways. Although he discussed the trends in mergers and acquisitions, there are still many other aspects of the adult entertainment sector to consider. Adult entertainment is still, at its core, a form of entertainment.

Considering this, we decided that discussing the content trends to watch for in 2023 would be a fun exercise. It’s crucial to stay on top of content trends because it enables site owners and senior executives to identify what is hot and trending among users.

First Trend: Metaverse

In the metaverse, the adult entertainment market is about to take off. Numerous advancements in the industry point to a high-tech progression of the sector onto protocols like Web3 and blockchain. In our most recent round of blog entries, we covered fresh developments in the metaverse. A top-notch “simulated” digital sexual experience is offered through fully integrated virtual reality, smart sex toys, VR headsets, and haptic gadgets, among other trends.

We’ve also seen that the live-camera sector has fully transitioned to virtual reality. We predict that 2023 will be a significant year for metaverse platform technology developments that will be widely embraced by consumers of pornographic material. Given the prevalence of virtual reality porn sites and camming, we think the logical next step is to fully integrate the hardware to create the illusion of augmentation.

As a result, the metaverse technology trend will be accompanied by audiovisual content created to meet the demands of the necessary hardware and software for remote sex.

Second Trend: More NFTs

The proliferation of non-fungible tokens, or simply NFTs, is the second set of developments we anticipate for the new year. NFTs gained popularity as a type of exclusive digital ownership in 2021 and 2022. NFTs have developed into a true assortment of incredibly seductive trading cards that depict adult performers in unusual poses, lingerie, and even sexual behavior in the adult entertainment industry. These things represent an intriguing development that is linked to the adult industry’s rising interest in blockchain technology. Numerous cryptocurrencies have been created to finance projects and act as digital points of sale to protect the transfer of money between content producers and their paying customers.

The reason for this is that mainstream banking institutions openly discriminate against consensual sex work, porn actors, content producers, and support workers in the adult sector. But that is the subject of another blog entry. NFTs contribute to this discussion because they provide producers the ability to exercise control and finally offer content experiences that have the potential to alter how money and content are exchanged.

We anticipate that NFT marketplaces will still enable NSFW content in 2023. If it happens, cryptocurrency supporters in the adult industry will continue to enjoy a boom.

Third Trend: Alternative Porn

We discussed the alternative porn, or alt-porn, content phenomena and category in our most recent round of blog postings. This subgenre includes a wide range of erotica, pornographic, and photographic pieces of work that support a certain subculture. Some subcultures and subgroups outside of porn have only emerged due to the growth of the internet and the digital lifestyle. These parallel subcultures to those in porn have been tapped into by alternative porn.

This means that the sexual arousal and pleasure of subgroups like goth girls, emo girls, nerdy girls, the “e-girl” subgroup, tattooed models, piercings, particular hairstyles, and the “Suicide Girl” aesthetic are highlighted in the content that we saw more of in 2022 and will most likely see much more of in 2023. In the upcoming year, more porn will highlight these shifts, as well as how they connect with the standard sexual orientation genres of straight, gay, and trans, as well as any related LGBTQ-friendly and culturally aware porn categories that have also been proliferating online recently.

Trend Four: Content to Skirt Social Media Rules

Social media content is the last trend we want to talk about. Referring once again to our most recent batch of blog pieces, we discussed how adult content producers, porn actors, and adult production firms were using the contentious social media app TikTok as a marketing tool. One of our case studies in that piece examined how an adult performer may get around TikTok’s explicit ban on sex content by creating visual and audio content that “hints” at the message being delivered but doesn’t go too far outside of acceptable parameters. When it comes to explicit content, social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are erratic. Twitter and Snapchat both permit nudity, but with the rise in shadow-banning, the relative merits of an overt act of sex and a naked selfie are still hotly debated.

Adult content producers must adapt in this wild era of internet regulation and constantly shifting corporate cultures at the biggest social media businesses in the globe.

Adult content producers will have modified their content pipelines by 2023 to circumvent shadow-banning algorithms and practices. Algo speak, new content trends, using internet memes and popular jokes, and being current on current affairs are all examples of this. It is all up to the content producers, but it is doable. 

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