Ethics in the Adult Industry is Still Important

Since its inception, Adult Business Consulting has operated under the guiding principle of being honest and ethical in all business transactions. Our founder of Adult Business Consulting, Bruce, instilled this in the team he currently leads and emanates the kind of top-tier professionalism that is not only renowned in the adult entertainment sector but also in his work in mainstream media. In this blog post, Bruce had an exclusive interview with our in-house journalists to discuss consulting in adult with the moral and ethical purpose of doing the right thing and always being truthful to their clients. Bruce makes unrestricted comments in the interview, and there is also a lengthy discussion of how Adult Business Consulting sets itself apart from its rivals in a very original way.

Bruce opened our conversation by stating that the definition of ethics according to is “Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conduct of an activity.” “If my thought process continues, it involves the golden rule, or treating others as you would want to be treated.” Bruce chuckled, making a reference to the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible. “I do hope I’m not getting too biblical on you here,” he said. Such a dictum might be viewed as the “golden rule” that forms the foundation of most mainstream schools of ethics. The golden rule that Bruce is referring to, however, predates all three Abrahamic religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—by a great margin. The golden rule was modified by a Chinese philosopher who is thought to have lived more than five centuries before Jesus: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”

Regardless of where they came from, Bruce’s business guiding ideas are widely accepted in all sectors of professional life. Business expert Fred Reichheld wrote a column for Harvard Business Review in 2011 that discussed how to run an ethical company and make money doing it.

The author, Mr. Reichheld, claimed that “our system of financial accounting rewards quarterly profits, but struggles mightily to place a value on ethical behavior.” Reichheld questioned whether these financial experts and accountants are just overcomplicating a simple concept, noting that “even accounting rules specifically dealing with reputation — goodwill and intangible assets — are subject to frequent rule changes and endless debate.” “Your [company] reputation is strengthened when you uphold the Golden Rule; it is diminished when you don’t. Additionally, Reichheld said, “[all of] the math for long-term financial success — revenues, profits, and cash flow — align exactly with this scorecard.

“I try to treat my clients like people first and then knowing what I know to give them the best advice possible, even if it means walking away from the business I might otherwise get,” Bruce said in this new interview.

“I’m not in such desperate need of money that I don’t advise people to not do business with us if the match isn’t right. And if I were in that situation, I’d tell them the truth nevertheless,” he boasted. Even if the truth stings a little, I believe it is necessary to be brutally honest with my clients. By the way, that is another definition of ethics. 

Adult Business Consulting was founded with the intention of bringing ethics and responsibility to a sector of the economy that has a bad image for being predatory and exploitative. However, the reality is that a large portion of those working in the adult entertainment sector are morally upright people who are interested in pursuing rewarding careers in a truly interdisciplinary, intersectoral field. Our usage of a personal touch every step of the way is the most important thing we have. We provide that personal touch. We make every effort to conduct ourselves morally and honestly.

In both my radio career and in adult, I’ve witnessed a lot of unethical behavior. In the media, it tends to be less ethical than in the adult sector, which may surprise some people, he added.

But there are bad actors in every industry. Due to our dedication to our clients, Adult Business Consulting has become a mainstay in the adult sector. If our services appeal to you, get in touch with our team of committed experts to find out more about how we can help.

“The fact that we are a boutique firm and that I have the contacts with the clients allows me to control how those contacts go down and it assures good ethical behavior,” Bruce says in his conclusion.

“However, if you run a business with employees, you must instill these traits in your staff. Of course, the opposite tends to occur if you lack those qualities, right?”

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