Best White Label Dating Programs

The Adult Business Consulting team has been active in all facets of the adult market for more than 20 years, including pay sites, tubes, dating sites and pleasure product sites. For individuals who do not own dating websites and networks, affiliate marketing is a lucrative niche. Although we’ve written a lot about dating affiliate programs, we’ve never formally conducted the necessary research to evaluate the top white-label dating programs for affiliate marketers.

Our Adult Business Consulting team is excited to discuss the white-label dating services that we think you should check out in our new blog article. We’ll also remind you what white-labeling is and how using it to monetize your high-quality dating website visitors can do for you.

White Labeling: What is it?

The use of adult dating sites might be challenging. Several specialty dating sites have imitated the technological advancements made by adult entertainment websites. These websites focus on bringing together those looking for relationships or sex outside of traditional dating. Tens of millions of people visit some of the biggest dating sites every day, and they may match the volume of traffic on some of the biggest adult video websites.

In this way, the breadth of the white-labeling programs that different affiliate programs provide are all created with comparable income models, including PPL and PPC payout schemes that are employed by a range of other affiliate platforms focused on the adult market. The white-label route does, however, give domain, content, and subject matter control to the owners of expensive Tier I online traffic.

The ability to choose to adopt the architecture and content management of established properties by merely putting branding, colors, and logos on a top-level landing page produced with ease improves the situation of the marketer who has traffic but no web assets that much easier.

Best White Label Dating Programs

Here is a list of some of the top white-label dating services for specialty dating. We chose these companies based on their influence on the market, the volume of users of these white-label programs, and the distinct compensation and revenue models they employ. The effects of affiliate marketing on the adult market have been thoroughly covered by Adult Business Consulting. Additionally, as previously said, white labeling for dating is a variation of the most popular adult marketing practice.

Dating Factory

It’s common to white-label specialty dating websites of all kinds using the Dating Factory platform. This service provider’s white-labeling niches, which combine hookup, fetish, and couples-seeking, span the majority of the major online dating verticals. When platforms are embraced and made available for web use, the white-label program itself is promoted as a genuinely easy “plug and play” solution that allows the immediate exploitation of web traffic. Over the years, Dating Factory has developed expertise in specialty dating that has had a global influence. The company offers the variety of themes it does because it recognizes that greater conversion rates will emerge from a stronger link between traffic and the site.

Dating Leads

An affiliate program called Dating Leads places a lot of emphasis on generating visitors through landing pages and white labeling. Dating Leads uses white labeling in a manner that is comparable to other products whose protocols are included in this blog post feature. Additionally, Dating Leads offers a wide range of alternatives for adult and specialty dating, such as traffic generation, income generation, and conversion programs for hookup, fetish, couples-seeking, and conventional personals websites. The white-labeling choices made available to affiliate marketers with high-quality web traffic can transform the start of a few straightforward campaigns into the beginning of a passive income when combined with its full range of advertising possibilities. The advantages of Dating Leads are comparable to those of other programs, and they work well with other websites.

White Label Dating

An affiliate platform called White Label Dating gives the affiliate up to 80% of the net revenue from all leads. It is completely proprietary and easy to use. The company’s website states that White Label Dating provides you with everything you need to develop lucrative dating offers that produce ongoing revenue. To optimize revenue, they also help new users at every stage—from establishing your offer through reporting and campaign optimization. The organization Ventro Media Group is the owner of White Label Dating. Their vision is to develop the best platform for their partners to achieve industry-leading profits based on the conversions of dating web traffic provided by affiliate marketers who have grown such web traffic from Tier I countries, in addition to the development and management of their white-label dating platforms through their SaaS offering. In one of our earlier blog postings about affiliates, we discussed White Label Dating.

Dating Pro

Another SaaS choice that is comparable to White Label Dating is Dating Pro. It was created for business owners and affiliate marketers who want to monetize their website traffic by starting their own dating networks and sites. Dating Pro is a full suite of services that enable affiliates to create their own websites on top of the Dating Pro framework, as opposed to the conventional, simplified white-label provider that you would find at some of the suppliers on this list. Through Dating Pro, you may choose from 20 dating categories. Additionally, these niches encompass verticals like speed dating, social networking, specialty dating, adult hookups, sugar daddies, religiously based dating, LGBTQ+ dating, and a number of age-group and nationality-based dating options.


Our final entry on this list is HubPeople. HubPeople is a SaaS solution for developing and administering white-label dating websites for business owners and adult affiliate marketers that want to monetize their dating web traffic, similar to Dating Pro and White Label Dating. The entire customer care, conversion, billing, and software are managed by HubPeople’s platform. Revenue-sharing plans that start at 50% are used to distribute the platforms’ revenue. The HubPeople ecosystem concentrates in large areas like the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada, just like other platforms on this list. Along with the white-labeling alternatives, HubPeople offers CPLs for advertising that point to the key landing pages and white-label sites to start user conversion.

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