Best Sex Doll Websites You Should Check Out

Sex doll websites are an expanding market for adult toys. We’ve written on the expanding market for lifelike sex doll companions in the past, and we’ve also discussed how this may be a viable niche market for an aspiring ecommerce tycoon. The Adult Business Consulting team is happy to now provide our most recent contribution to our continuous research on the expanding sex toy sector. We’ll talk about well-known sex doll websites and their wares in this blog post.

The Function of Sex Dolls in Contemporary Culture

Several causes contribute to the popularity of sex dolls, which has increased significantly in recent years. In this post, Adult Business Consulting will examine the factors that contribute to sex dolls’ appeal to a variety of people and talk about why they’re so popular.

Since everyone has different preferences and dreams and that sexuality is generally very diverse, sex doll products offer a way to explore and satiate these cravings in a safe and controlled environment. Sex dolls and the companies that produce them offer a level of personalization that can improve the sexual experience thanks to their configurable features and realistic materials. People can alter dolls’ physical characteristics, body types, or certain attributes to match their sexual preferences and enhance the experience.


Sex dolls are helpful for simulating physical companionship and for sexual reasons. It’s important to remember that they aren’t regarded as medical equipment and weren’t intended or advertised for medical purposes. Despite this, sex dolls have occasionally been investigated or modified for use in a variety of medical settings, mainly in the areas of healthcare and therapy. Here are a few illustrations. In sex therapy, sex dolls can be applied to treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and problems with intimacy in relationships.

Sex dolls also have applications for sexual and mental health research. For instance, sex dolls have been used in some therapy settings to treat psychological problems including loneliness and social anxiety or to encourage connection and intimacy through feelings. Additionally, research is being done on these dolls to reduce stigma, support harm reduction, and promote safe, non-harmful sexual enjoyment.

Various Sex Doll Types

There are various kinds of sex dolls available on the market right now, depending on supply, price, and production techniques. There are three types of sex dolls: fabric or plush, silicone, and blow-up. At the final point of sale, materials determine costs and manufacturing processes.

Silicone Dolls

Most silicone sex dolls are extremely high-end, medical-grade silicone dolls that are frequently lifelike and realistic. This synthetic material closely resembles human skin in terms of texture and feel, durability, and softness. With careful attention to detail in terms of body shape, facial features, anatomical proportions, smart function, interior materials and feel, cleaning ability, and a variety of other factors, these dolls are painstakingly created to closely imitate the human body.

Blow-Up Dolls

Inflatable sex dolls, commonly referred to as blow-up sex dolls, are a particular kind of sex doll that are frequently fashioned from PVC or another kind of vinyl material. When compared to other types of sex dolls currently on the market, these dolls are frequently slightly cheaper and more made to be inflated. Although these goods might not be as realistic and durable as silicone sex dolls, they do have their own special attraction and characteristics, such as ease and accessibility.

Cloth or Plush Sex Dolls

A form of sex doll known as a “cloth sex doll,” often referred to as a “fabric sex doll” or a “plush sex doll,” is one that is predominantly fashioned from fabric materials like cloth, plush, or synthetic fur. These dolls are different from other varieties of sex dolls, such as silicone or TPE dolls, in terms of how they are made and how they look. Cloth sex dolls frequently resemble plush toys or stuffed animals in terms of their soft, cuddly touch. They have basic face characteristics and body proportions that are supposed to approximate the human shape. There are several cloth dolls that come with removable or interchangeable accessories for sex play.

The Best Websites for Sex Dolls

Now that you are aware of the fundamental workings of the sex doll business, the following is a list of some of the greatest sex doll product websites available right now. All these websites sell adult merchandise, but the focus is on sex dolls, which come in a variety of price points and aesthetic varieties. Adult Business Consulting is happy to “turn you on” to the best sex doll websites.

Silicon Wives

The Silicon Wives staff is a well-known merchant and manufacturer of sex toys. A highly unique product line offered by this organization is renowned for its high level of quality, security, and customer care. For instance, the Silicon Wives crew sculpted porn star Eva Elfie. To make realistic and aesthetically pleasing sex dolls, the products are expertly constructed from high-quality materials. To create an immersive, authentic, and rewarding experience for the consumer, their products are also created to accurately mimic human traits.

Real Doll

Abyss Creations owns and runs the famed sex doll company Real Doll. Success for the company stems from its titular status in pop culture references to lifelike sex dolls as an intrigue and intervention piece. For instance, the American animated series Family Guy referred to Real Dolls invading the nation’s postal system. Nevertheless, the company has gained recognition on a global scale because of its products for men, women, and LGBTQ+ customers. A selection of Abyss items seems to imitate popular porn stars like Asa Akira. The highest price point for the available products, with extensive customization options, is around $7,500.

WM Dolls

Another well-known retailer and producer of sex dolls is WM Dolls. The pricing points of WM Dolls are significantly lower than those of Real Doll, which gives them a special selling point. Theft of intellectual property and copycat manufacturing are current problems. The industry-leading anti-counterfeiting code inquiry system used by WM Dolls ensures product traceability, production management, quality management, as well as several other functions to guarantee safety and security. Like Real Doll, these goods’ smart technology incorporates dynamic sucking features, a lifelike hand skeleton, and a breathing feature to mimic bodily movement and daily activities.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

An internet store called Sexy Real Sex Dolls specializes in selling sex dolls. They provide a large variety of realistic and reversible sex dolls made of silicone or TPE. The business wants to give clients top-notch goods that mimic a genuine, close-knit experience. As a company, Sexy Real Sex Dolls provides a variety of doll alternatives, including numerous distinct body types, face features, hair colors, and other customizable characteristics. Customers have the option of creating unique dolls or selecting from a range of pre-designed dolls.

IronTech Doll

Lifelike sex dolls are produced and sold by IronTech Dolls. They specialize in producing dolls of the highest caliber, paying close attention to detail and realism. Dolls made of materials like silicone and TPE are available from IronTech Dolls in a wide variety. Customers can construct a doll that meets their preferences by selecting from a variety of body types, face features, hair colors, and other characteristics available from the company. IronTech Dolls  sells dolls that closely approximate human forms.


Sex dolls are produced and sold by OVDoll. They specialize in creating and offering a variety of lifelike dolls made of silicone and TPE materials. Different body shapes, facial characteristics, hair colors, and other interchangeable doll options are available from OVDoll. Their dolls are made to look like people and offer a realistic and personal experience. To produce dolls with high-quality construction and realistic features, OVDoll places a strong emphasis on attention to detail in the workmanship of their creations. A product line that features anime and manga characters is one noteworthy aspect.

Sexy Sex Doll

Sexy Sex Doll is the last on our list. Like the other contenders, Sex Sex Doll provides a range of goods, including premium sex dolls made from lifelike materials. Medical-grade silicone and TPE compounds that are suitable for human sexual contact are some of these materials. Sexy Sex Doll is a relatively new player in the sex doll business, but it sells goods that are very comparable to many other expensive, high-end items available throughout the NSFW e-commerce sector.

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