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A premium social media platform called OnlyFans gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic. People were forced to stay inside for months, which left many feeling lonely and yearning for an outlet outside of themselves. Because of this, OnlyFans is now well-known and the “standard” platform for premium content. However, there was a lot of unrest when it became widely believed in 2021 that OnlyFans was abandoning all nudity. Yes, OnlyFans rapidly changed their minds about this proposal, but many makers of pornographic content were upset. Performers (with their fan bases) started utilizing alternative platforms to sell their trending content in large numbers once more. We thought it would be fun to briefly review other social media sites like in a blog post. With pride, Adult Business Consulting offers the top OnlyFans substitutes.


An OnlyFans substitute that prioritizes video creation and commercialization is ManyVids. ManyVids, a company founded by veterans of the adult business, has built its own technology and targets online content producers that work in more traditional and “vanilla” sectors. Additionally, MV Live enables for public and private camming, there are numerous options for audience and engagement, and payouts are made available through most popular payment methods like bank transfer, ACH, and Paxum transfers. Creators can sell specific videos through their respective ManyVids storefronts.


An alternative to OnlyFans that is more literal is JustforFans (

On this site, content creators can register to sell their works through several verticals, including the ability to categorize works by cisgender and non-binary. Given that this kind of content is heavily promoted, it should be highlighted that JustforFans is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly premium adult social networks on the internet. However, JustforFans is open to all producers of adult content and guarantees 80% compensation. To combat content piracy, this more recent platform works very hard to position itself as the best premium adult network.


One of the less well-known substitutes for OnlyFans on this list is IsMyGirl. IsMyGirl, which is constructed somewhat similarly to OnlyFans, is unquestionably focused on its need for growth and luring new producers to the site. A creator can earn money, go live, communicate privately, and monetize their work.


The same business that controls Pornhub also owns ModelHub. Since both sites drive attention to one another, the website serves as the premium content platform for Pornhub creators. Instead of being a paid subscription website like OnlyFans, ModelHub functions more like a clip store. There is also the option to join a fan club, just like many of the websites on this list. Users can join a particular model’s fan club and obtain access to the exclusive videos that come with the membership. By paying for sexting and VIP chat sessions, fans may also communicate with models by sending them direct messages.


IWantClips has undergone numerous brand changes. The enormous volume of femdom fetish content on this site was the focus of one of the most recent rebranding initiatives. IWantClips provides content creators with reliable methods to monetize and sell their work via clip stores or multi-clip store accounts with substantial payments. IWantClips has a lot of rivals. The average compensation for tips and tributes is 80%, the average payout for custom content sales is 100%, and the average payout for typical porn content is 60%. IWantClips has a sizable and dependable user base, and there are tools for monetization available.


Another OnlyFans clone with comparable features and opportunities for creative monetization is Loyal Fans. However, the platform’s support for phone sex and clip stores provides significantly more opportunities to engage with followers. Because of the variety of its features, Loyal Fans distinguishes itself from OnlyFans and the other platforms on this list. Although an adult content creator can go live, communicate privately with fans, and sell content on an individual basis, the monetization and reporting tools are unmatched and valuable for those who are interested in statistics and earnings.

Friends Only

Another less well-known option to OnlyFans is Friends Only. Friends appears to exclusively allow users to receive videos through a TikTok-like format, in contrast to OnlyFans, which also allows users to send photographs, audio messages, and videos. Videos are usually brief and show the producers participating in the fetish or sexual content they have promoted. On Friends Only, it appears that subscription rates and the number of paid followers that contribute to the overall payout amount are the foundation of monetization. A few of the payout options are ACH, bank transfers, and others. Unfortunately, Friends Only doesn’t currently appear to have a sizable user base.

This lesser-known Australian OnlyFans substitute offers authors of all stripes a very polished platform. The target market for this platform, which includes monetization tools, seductive private messaging, social media features like posts and like buttons, and video sales, is adult content makers. Additionally, creators can use their own domains, interact with their followers by providing tools to turn premium Instagram and Snapchat accounts into specialized cash streams, and much more. offers large site rewards to its founders, which are paid via straightforward payment methods.


The platform ModelCentro is distinctive. It is connected with FanCentro, its sibling website.

In a similar way to OnlyFans or its rivals, FanCentro is an NSFW social network designed for entertainers and producers of adult material. ModelCentro expands on the idea of premium porn by giving actors and content producers the ability to run their own paid subscription websites. In essence, ModelCentro is a content management system created specifically for models to manage their content independently of social network constraints. Additionally, there are resources for photographers, talent agencies, and studios.

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